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Adult Family Homes

Our Team

Stable Living

Stable Living is an assisted living company in Eau Claire, WI that specializes in 3-4 bed Adult Family Homes (AFH).


We work with our residents to build their ADL’s (activities of daily living) and IADL’s (Instrumental activities of daily living) to help them develop their skills to live independently. Stable Living has the ability, comfort, and experience to deal with complex behavioral clients.

Who We Can Support

Community integration is the cornerstone of our programming for the clients. What each house has to offer, depends on what type of client group we target and the type of program we set up for the residents.


We support individuals who are emotionally disturbed/mentally ill, developmentally disabled, suffer from traumatic brain injury, and correctional clients as well as individuals who struggle with alcohol and drug dependence.

What We Do

Stable Living creates an Individualized Service Plan for every resident to best accommodate their specific needs.


We also create Behavioral Support Plans for any residents we see appropriate. Some of the services we provide include local transportation, community activities/integration, medication management, 24/7 care w/ on call emergency assistance, ADLs, independent skills, behavioral monitoring and cognitive assistance, food prep/meal planning, money management, health and wellness, guidance, setting up appointments.


We also support clients with reminders and prompts to be the most successful they can be.

Our Homes

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