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Community Supported Living

Our Team


The focus of our services and supports will be to achieve optimal independence by developing independent living skills, participating in meaningful employment, identifying valuable community resources. Services and supports may also focus on the development of new and enhanced skills to cope with declining health and ability.

Program Overview

Stable Living LLP is an assisted living company that offers a Community Supported Living (CSL) program. The CSL program accepts individuals (clients) that live independently but require in-home care. Our scope of services include; cleaning reminders, hygiene reminders, grocery shopping, budgeting/financial management, scheduling/attending appointments, meal preparation, 24/7 on call services, transportation, medication reminders, emotional support, and social activities of daily living. Below, each service will be defined and detailed to ensure that potential clients and guardians understand our services prior to interest.


It is important to Stable Living LLP that residents are comfortable in their home. Clients will be assessed and accepted into Stable Living LLP based on their range of care requested to be performed by Stable Living LLP staff and the assessed ability for Stable Living LLP to successfully provide the required care.

Activities of Daily Living

Stable Living LLP is committed to helping our CSL clients with daily living activities such as hygiene reminders, changing into clean clothes, shower reminders, hair care, house chores (dishes, laundry, vacuuming, disinfecting surfaces, tidying up spaces, making the bed), meal preparation and assistance making appointments.


Clients will be encouraged to participate in community activities in the Eau Claire area. Stable Living LLP is able to transport clients to visit local parks, local stores, libraries, restaurants, and local community events during the scheduled visits with clients. Staff will provide transportation to and from community activities, appointments, and other places they may need or want to go. This may include trips for groceries, casual shopping, or to work. Transportation that is scheduled for clients weekly must be announced at the time of assessment in order to be prioritized. Example: working schedule every day at 3:00PM-6:00PM.

Transportation outside of the agreed upon client schedule will be conducted based on the amount of time given to prepare for the transportation and staff availability. If a client chooses to utilize transportation during their scheduled staff visit but the event extends beyond the scheduled time, the client is responsible for coordinating transportation home.

Medication Reminders

Stable Living LLP staff will remind clients about taking medications or making medical appointments such as doctor or dental visits. Stable Living LLP is not allowed to help administer medication to CSL clients. Medication reminders can be in-person or phone call reminders with scheduled times (based on client preferences and needs).

Emotional Support

Stable Living LLP staff will be able to offer emotional support such as general conversation and company. The staff will be available to listen to the clients concerns or thoughts or to spend time with the client during down time; such as watching TV, playing a game or relaxing.

Social Activities of Daily Living

Stable Living LLP staff will be available to encourage social activities such as going to movies, to the mall, to get exercise, go to a community event or try new hobbies.

Emergency Services

Stable Living LLP staff is on call for emergencies 24/7. Clients will be directed to the emergency phone number and should only call the emergency number for medical emergencies. Emergencies are defined as, but not limited to, a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action. Emergency services are not available for general questions or assistance. Clients, care team or any party involved in a clients services with Stable Living LLP should only contact the direct number given to these individuals. Clients, care teams or any party involved in client services should never contact Stable Living LLP direct care employees.

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