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Who are we?

Stable Living LLP was created in 2017 by Ryan Gray and Shaun Tutor in a college library after working
for a local assisted living company who did not value quality of care. They left their employment with the
vision of creating a new standard for the quality of care inside Adult Family Homes.

The company has strived to provide top notch care from the beginning. Ryan and Shaun wanted

to provide an individualized experience for every member with the goal of helping them

live in the most independent setting possible.

Cody Anderson took Shaun Tutor’s place in 2021 and has been the main implementor for the company.
Cody has strived to grow the company while implementing new systems. Stable Living has grown from
one Adult Family Home to nine with the addition of a new service, Community Supported Living (CSL).

Every year, the owners strive to push the quality while continuing to help as many clients as they can.
They truly believe that every client deserves quality caregivers that genuinely care about the standard of
supports that clients should receive. Stable Living LLP has a vision of creating a massive impact across
the state and wants to be known for providing the highest levels of care.

Our Team

Our Values

Finding a supportive environment for your client can be a challenge.. Letting go of the responsibility associated with

taking care of another individual can feel very similar to abandoning your own flesh and blood.

However, the time comes when they need a more supportive

environment to grow.. And that's where we step in.


At Stable Living, we prioritize 3 things above all else.


Doing the right thing!



Go above and beyond the standard!



In a timely manner!

Provide your client with the care they need.
Tell us your story today.

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